Health Tourism Process

1) Start the process by filling out online form in our website or request form or contact our representative at Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Tanzania, Tehran, Beirut, Damacus, Albania, or contact:
Tehran: +98-9126155493
Oman: +96-899778614
2) Your personal assistant will then talk with you, asking important questions that will enable us to better understand your needs as we walk you through each step of the simple process.
3) Your assistant will then begin to research which of the hospitals and doctors we work with are most suitable to provide you with the treatment you are looking for, using your specific information including medical records such as x-rays and MRIs.
4) We will then contact you, presenting hospitals and doctors for you to evaluate and select for your medical procedure. At this point, we will also provide you with an estimate of costs. If you like, we can arrange a phone conference between you and your doctor or doctors who are going to treat you.
5) Upon arriving at your destination, you will be picked up from the airport by your Assistant who will take care of you during your stay.
6) Soon after your arrival, you will meet your doctor or doctors for consultation.
7) You will then undergo your medical procedure and begin recovery.
8) As soon as you recover, your Assistant can either bring you back to the airport for your return flight home or can assist you in selecting tourism options.
9) After arriving back home, we advise that you get in touch with your family doctor and specialist to inform them about the result of your trip, or be in touch with our nearest branch.

Persian International Health Tourism is a private company act as a facilitator between patients/visitors, best medical teams and various hospitals suggesting best available options based on your required treatment or other services.

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