Our Vision

To be a world-class Centre of Medical Excellence that will meet and
exceed & redefine international healthcare quality standards.

Our Company

Al Faris Health Services is the new name spearheading a corollary
of expansion, integrating the current brands of Clinics, chain of
Pharmacies & Cosmetics spread over at numerous locations in Sultanate
of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and MENA Region.
Since its inception by Dr. Zia Ullah Khan more than a decade ago, Al Faris
Health Services have established its own identity & niche in
importing/exporting of pharmaceutical & cosmetic products as well as
large scale distribution. Al Faris pharmacies & Al Faris Cosmetics are
designed to be a one-stop-availability with excellent grade offering
premium products with professional service and personal care at the
best prices in a pleasant ambience.

In addition to providing easy availability of medicines and products, Al
Faris Health Services have qualified staff who can guide customers with
diet, nutrition and medical equipment. Our product range includes
curative, nutritive, and baby products, lifestyle, wellness and
rehabilitation products, FMCG products, cosmetics, personal and home
care products. Al Faris Pharmacies & Al Faris
Cosmetics are a part of Al Faris Health Services LLC headquartered in
Muscat, 18th November Street, Sultanate of Oman. Al Faris focuses around a customer-centric approach, helping us
preserve a passion to serve and compassion to care. We believe in
rewarding our customers and value loyalty in addition to offers, schemes
and promotions updated by emails and phones.

About Us

Al Adawy Group of Companies based and headquartered in
Muscat, Oman is the parent company of Al Faris Health Services LLC.
Our honorable patron His Excellency: Farouk Al Adawy’s effective vision
and leadership is the driving force behind the company’s success. Al
Adawy’s portfolio encompasses several industries mainly focusing in
Health Tourism, Manufacturing, Communications, Engineering, Trading
& Transport, Energy & Shipping. Al Faris Health Services is now under the
umbrella of Adawy group of companies along with its other sister
companies involved in establishing hospital, medical, dental & cosmetic
centers. Management & Operational affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran is
under the supervision of Dr.Salam Ullah Khan, supervision of Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia under Dr.Saleh Ali Hashim, direct supervision & operations
of United Arab Emirates under Dr.Abid Ali Shah.
Health Tourism division of Al Faris Health Services LLC is proud of its long
history in providing patients receive high quality, affordable medical
treatment abroad (Iran, India & Thailand) without the wait.

To ensure best possible treatment especially for super speciality cases we take utmost care in providing a trained dedicated staff along with them to
support and guide jointly in venture with other allied healthcare service
providers. Over the years, we have been fortunate to improve the lives of
many people in the most meaningful way possible. Our medical & cosmetic division focuses on acquiring & distribution of FDA approved medicines, cosmetics & allied products within Oman and re-exporting it to MENA region. We have an extensive storage and ILR facility (warehouse capacity of 2600 m2 respectively) installed in Muscat governorate to facilitate easy accessibility & mobility of goods. Also in cosmetic range from
Cosmetic Milano Italy Pocketsun self-tanner and stem cell derivative
Calecim multi action cream and Calecim Professional serum, Singapore
and Korea.

Middle East Pharmaceuticals Factory which is sister concern of Al Adawy
Group of companies is registered under Ministry of Health, Oman for
manufacturing and mass production of FDA approved & licensed drugs.
Initial production of ORAL-LYN Buccal Insulin Spray is under process in
collaboration with Generex Biotechnology, Canada which will be a
milestone in Middle East as soon as it becomes operational, in effect will
be a golden feather in the cap.

Our Mission

Hold firmly on to the human and ethical values ensuring quality
healthcare delivery. Become the preferred provider of comprehensive healthcare and allied services at an affordable cost to our customers.
Achieve exponential growth harnessing the necessary human,
technological and financial resources. Be the employer of choice nurturing a committed team to carry forward the mission.